2016 Regional Events 3 and 4

IMG_1884Skill- EMOM 10 Minutes5x back squat at 75%body weight

CrossFit WOD 2016 Regional Events 3&4 For time: 104 Wall Ball shots- 20#/14# 52 Pullups Rest at least 1 minute Then, 4 rounds for time of: 28 one-legged Squats, alternating 15 Power Cleans - 115#/80#

Event 3 has a 6-minute time cap. Event 4 has a 10-minute time cap. When the 6-minute time cap for Event 3 is reached, athletes will have 1-minute to rest prior to starting Event 4. Keep the clock running and at the 7:00 mark start Event 4. At minute 17 all work stops. Choose scales that will allow the work to be completed in under 6-minutes and under 10.IMG_1885

Strength Focus Deadlift- Build to a tough 1.1.1 in 12 Minutes *Finish heavier then last week

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1.  Complete all movements as written if full range of motion can be met, but for fewer reps.  Decrease reps to keep the intensity high and to complete the work in the given time. The goal is to move consistently. 75 Wall Ball/35 Pullups 20 Pistols/15 Power Cleans

2. For time: 52 Wall Balll shots - 14#/10# 25 Ring Rows Rest at least 1-minute Then, 4 rounds for time of: 14 assisted one-legged Squats, alternating 10 Power Cleans - 75#/45#

For the ring rows keep the body rigid through out the entire rep. The rep starts with an extended arm in a reverse plank position and finishes with the hands touching the chest. Use a pair of boxes to assist with the one-legged squats. Choose a box height that allows you to move quickly through the 14 reps. Place the hands on the box and use as much pressure to support the movement as needed. For the power cleans if using an empty barbell lower the bar to just below the knee.

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IMG_1827 IMG_1815 Welcome Korina, who just joined CFF classes!!