What a STUNNING weekend it was at CrossFit Flagstaff!!  The energy, the enthusiasm, the passion, and the HEART that was laid on the floor this weekend was so inspiring and motivating.  There are SO many people to thank from our amazing volunteers who worked SO hard and gave so much of their time to the support of the spectators to the incredible performances of EVERY SINGLE athlete there this weekend, and to the event organizers who put so much time, thought, and effort into making this happen for all of us, Damon Stewart, Alisha Kowaleski, Chris Spealler, and CrossFit Flagstaff as a whole.

IMG_5913 IMG_6049 IMG_5915 IMG_6093

IMG_5896 We cannot even begin to express the pride we have in our athletes who competed this weekend.  Every one of them laid it all out on the line, had the courage to step into that arena and push themselves to every limit, in front of hundreds of people, with really great form and tenacity and a real showing of what great CrossFit athletes they are.  They all represented CrossFit Flagstaff WELL and I heard from so many people how you could tell who the CrossFit Flagstaff athletes were, and that was the highest compliment I could have ever been paid.  THANK YOU!!
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Amanda3 IMG_6267 BIGDOG