2008 CrossFit Affiliate Gathering-Las Vegas

Mike and I had a GREAT time at the CrossFit Affiliate Gathering in Vegas this past weekend!  Heard a lot of great information about what other affiliates are doing with their businesses, met many we had never gotten to meet, saw old friends, and made new ones.  It was like a giant family reunion for us and was absolutely fabulous!

There are over 400 affiliates now, and CrossFit is growing more every day!  So many amazing and passionate people taking the CrossFit philosophy and strength out to the rest of the world, providing the opportunity for others to experience what we all know and love.

Thanks to everyone for covering for us and carrying on as usual in our absence!


Die-Hard CrossFit Affiliate Owners find their workout anywhere-even in a Las Vegas casino on the bicep curl machine! (Saul and Lori from Peninsula CrossFit, Susan from Fitness Beyond the Box, and Miranda and Tyson from About Face Fitness joined us here)


Fellow CrossFit affiliates!  Robin and Ronnie Boose from CrossFit North Santa Cruz, Ken Urakawa from CrossFit SouthWest, and Eric LeClaire and Vanessa from CrossFit Elite Fitness Bootcamp were just a few of the 70 represented affiliates who joined us at the CrossFit Affiliate Gathering in Las Vegas this weekend!

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