2 Minute Defense

5 Rounds For Time:
135 lb. M/85 lb. W

When complete, rest for 2 min., then repeat sequence for 5 more rounds.
Record total time for all 10 rds. and 2 min. rest period.

2 Minute Defense Demo Video
Img_3806 Img_3807 Img_3808
Notice the height of the bar in all 3 photos.  The shrug and vicious extension against the ground put momentum on that bar, giving it a moment of being elevated and suspended in mid-air.  That moment is when you quickly pull yourself under the bar and receive it in the front squat position.  If you get an aggressive shrug and extension through the hips and pull under with aggressive speed, you don't need to bar to move very much, allowing you to clean heavier and heavier weight.  Jason did catch this a little high and then went into a squat a little bit delayed in these photos, but it does demonstrate the little amount of movement needed to put momentum and elevation on the bar, buying yourself enough time to get underneath of it to receive it and stand the weight up.
Img_3812 Img_3786 Img_3799 Img_3815_2 Img_38251 Img_3819 Img_3824_3

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