1st oops

I understand about the weigh-in, I too need some point of reference. So here it goes. Age 57, 5”6” and weigh 128 naked, in the morning. (Sorry if that whole combo is a scary visual:~)

Why am I doing this? Vanity, first and foremost, and secondly because ever since Teminator 2 came out and I saw Linda Hamilton doing pullups in the psych ward, I have thought I wanted to be her and look like that and be able to do that…minus the being locked up part. So if this going to help get me there….well here I am. I am certainly not discounting improving my health and  intentionally contributing to my longevity. I have for far too long just eaten whatever I wanted with no real conscious thought to the consequences, other than hoping for the best. PLUS I figure if I want to be able to at least stay in sight of all you *youngsters* I better step up. I don’t feel my age, or act it, so I can’t for the life of me figure out why I should look it.

First few days have been was good, I although am usually pretty hungry, as in ravenous, by days end. I am counting on that to pass....right?

I've learned a lesson already...no big surprise. I need to prepare better....well actually I need to prepare period.  The other night when I decided to go to the movies last minute, hadn't eaten dinner and nothing "ready" that even respembled a block meal to eat, took 2, yes 2 Zone bars with me and ate them both! Decided to make that my cheat day....what a waste of a cheat day.

I am a little appalled at how small the portions are.....but I am sticking to them, thanks to the scale. Even weigh stuff at the restaurant....my employees look at me with like I'm a little nuts....but that is nothing new:~)

The fact that I know others are in this with me is helping a lot ... Thank you all.

NutritionLisa RayComment