IMG_3867CrossFit WOD - The OPEN 16.1

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of: 25-ft. Overhead Walking Lunge 8 Burpees 25-ft. Overhead Walking Lunge 8 Chest-to-Bar Pullups

IMG_3868Men lunge 95 lb. Women lunge 65 lb.

In the Open, athletes are given 4 days to perform the week's workout and submit their scores. Thursday is the release date, and Monday at 5 p.m. PT/6 MST is the deadline.

Strength Focus 5x10 climbing

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The CrossFit Games Open is the world's premier test of fitness. Since 2011, the five-week five-workout online competition has accurately ranked the fitness of thousands of competitors.

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Held in CrossFit affiliates and garage gyms, the Open is designed to be accessible to all athletes while rigorous enough to challenge the world's fittest. Fourteen-year-old high school freshmen compete in the Open, as well as their 77-year-old grandparents and everyone in between.

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The Open is a lively event for our community! We always encourage our members to register even when they balk at the idea. Reintroducing the idea of physical competition to someone often evokes a myriad of responses and emotions they probably haven’t felt for awhile. We keep encouraging though, because we know the thrill that waits on the other side of diving into the Open.  What are my reasons for pushing you to do it?

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You Are Good Enough.

Even if you cannot do the exact prescribed weight of any or most of the Open workouts, you will most likely surprise yourself with what you are able to pull off. The Open is about calling on the best in yourself no matter your current level. Most likely you are physically stronger than your mind lets you believe.  In the Open, possibility is reborn.

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It Gets People Competing Again.

Many of us competed as kids on an organized team or just racing siblings to the car. Some of you may have competed in college. When we become adults, we often feel like we need to retire that side of us. Sure, we compete for jobs and accounts and other “grown up” things, but more often than not, we have forgotten the thrill of physical competition. We may not be a win-at-all cost type - and this certainly is not the only kind of competitor - but there is something about putting yourself on the line that sparks inspiration.  And, YOU inspire US!!!!!

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It Gives You an Appreciation for the Best of the Best.

During the Open workouts, you get a rare opportunity to do the same exact workouts during the same week as the best CrossFitters in the world. If you are a fan of the top CrossFit athletes, it’s exciting to match your stats to theirs - until the stats start rolling in. It’s one thing to be stoked you finally hit 50 double unders in a row and quite another to find out that not only can the top athletes do way more, they have figured out ways to do it faster and more efficiently. Yay, we personally smashed a prescribed workout (chest thumping is warranted), until you see the times or the number of rounds at the top of the leader board. The progression of the sport of fitness has grown to superhuman levels. Seeing their scores miles above mine only deepens my appreciation for their dedication, skill, and strength. I humbly bow down to their greatness.

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It’s Fun.

SO FUN! At CrossFit Flagstaff, we dedicate every Friday to the Open workouts for everyone to participate in - all inclusive. All registered athletes and those who didn't do it for their own reasons. We assign heats, we print score sheets, we assign counters - we make it a big deal. But we also keep it fun. It immediately bonds us because it feels like we’re going to battle together in a light hearted way. We’re all nervous, it is like a buy-in to the team. It roots us deeper into our community. I know everyone is willing to give it their all and possibly fail or possibly triumph and man, if they are, so am I.  So many get new PR's, breakthroughs on things they once thought was impossible.  It's fun and inspiring.  I LOVE THE OPEN! adapted from Breaking Muscle

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Today we saw people get their first Chest-to-Bar Pullups!  We saw people Overhead Walking Lunge 95#, which they have NEVER done before!  For many this was their very first Open. Congratulations to all!

IMG_3851 IMG_3838 IMG_3837IMG_3798 IMG_3829 IMG_3851 There might have been a couple of hopeful ladies who won't be playing this year due to some injuries from otherwise fun activities outside the gym.  Thank you for being our cheer squad!!!!


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