Our Story


In August of 2006 Lisa and Mike turned their two-car garage into a small training space and called it The Garage of Pain and then affiliated into CrossFit Flagstaff. As our first athletes, Ryan Heck put his full support into getting the word out and creating our very first logo and Tara Ross threw in her hat with us and used CrossFit to rehab her broken back. They soon found a few more athletes to train and started to hold regular workouts when Lisa wasn’t working for the fire department. The workouts were similar to what we do at the gym now with a rope hanging from a tree branch, a half-burned fire department dummy and a mock-up Jaws of Life tool for some fire specific training. Workouts often spread out into the back yard and neighborhood streets for some additional excitement.

Toward the end of September of 2006 the neighbors started getting antsy about all the growing commotion and the garage started to get tight as the weather grew a little colder and leaves started to turn orange. It was time to find a real home for CrossFit Flagstaff and so we moved in with Peaks Olympic Weightlifting Club in Sunnyside and shared their space and thankfully all their bars and weights! Lisa eventually realized this side-hobby was requiring her full-time attention and made the choice to give up her quest to become a fire fighter and committed to growing this passion into a true profession. The passion for CrossFit filtered out and our community continued to grow and Peaks eventually left and we took over the entire space and became a real live CrossFit gym in Flagstaff, standing on our own, paying real overhead! 18 months and 6,000 square feet later, CrossFit Flagstaff and its amazing crew of athletes moved once more, into the wonderful space we now call home.

CrossFit Flagstaff currently operates numerous programs in CrossFit, CrossFit Kids, Strength Focus, Olympic Weightlifting Club, and Comp Squad. We believe in coaching and try our best to schedule a coach per every 10 athletes to optimize the coaching and instruction.

Heart and Soul

There are so many things that make CrossFit Flagstaff special. The community of athletes and their families, the training space, the coaches, the environment, and the many many success stories.

Why CrossFit Flagstaff? To us, CrossFit is organic health and fitness. It is pure and back to fitness basics, back to the foundations of true human movement and purpose. Our mission is to change the world one life at a time by elevating functional fitness, transforming self-perception, and building community. This embodies the athletes we want to develop and mold at our box. CrossFit Flagstaff is about PEOPLE and making their lives better.