"Don't Get Bamboozled by Big Food"

Temptation is everywhere…I get it. It can be hard to know what to eat and who to listen to when it comes to pursuing improved heath. As your coaches we are here to help make a plan that works for YOU! Take some time to watch/listen to this PodCast .

“In this episode: We're talking about some of the reasons we're set up to fail when trying to eat clean, as well as a bunch of foods & ingredients to look out for as we pursue better health.

Show Notes:

02:03 - My thoughts on whether eating clean every meal is really that hard. 04:32 - And the reasons why it is. 09:20 - The weirdest thing I've ever eaten. 11:01 - A quick refresher on what I refer to as "the teardrop". 15:13 - Talking about which breakfast foods to avoid. 21:27 - Talking about which lunch foods to avoid. 26:12 - Talking about which snacks to avoid. 29:40 - Talking about which drinks to avoid. 33:53 - Some red flag ingredients to keep an eye out for.”

Tara Ross